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In 1998 I was contacted by an organization called FLAC which means For Legally Abused Citizens and invited along to one of their committee meetings in the city.

The name describes exactly their purpose, ie: people feel they are getting badly treated in the courts because judges are either knowingly or unknowingly doing the wrong thing and innocent or well-meaning people are suffering in a variety of ways financially and emotionally.

Many believe the system is at fault and others that the personnel are to blame. I am of the second opinion because our system of justice has evolved over a thousand years through the endeavours of many good and hardworking men and women. It is also based on Christian values and protected by the Crown.

Therefore, why is it going bad? Obviously it is not being allowed to function correctly and, in many instances, bad politicians and bad judges have created a climate of injustice.

Those who say we should scrap such things as the Australian Constitution or English common law and make up a new set of rules and procedures are either plainly ignorant and stupid or they have a hidden agenda ... and the banks and the multinational corporations are spending so much time and effort are the likely beneficiaries and the education-deprived and taken for granted ordinary guys and gals stand to lose everything.

The address for FLAC is P.O. Box 599, Northbridge, NSW 2963, Australia. The phone number is (02) 9416 8202 with a fax of (02) 9415 6517.

FLAC has monthly Sunday afternoon gatherings of members in a run-down Workers' club in the city. Those who attend are enthusiast. They share their experiences and try to find answers. They made a detailed submission to the government when suggestions were called for the possible reform of the legal profession only to discover that the government report had been written before the closing date for such submissions, ie: it was a typically hollow enquiry which bureaucrats and their ilk put on for window dressing and to con the people into thinking something is being done.

A few members have actually come to a couple of hearings to witness proceedings and their support has been invaluable. Joe Bryant, Denis Troy and Bob Heath have also attended a Court of Appeal hearing. To these people I owe a great debt of gratitude. I hope they are more patriotic Australians can find the time to be there when the judges again preside.

FLAC, like any group of well minded people, must be watchful for people who will infiltrate their organization to "white ant" their cause and bring discredit on them in order to destroy them. This is the method commonly used when there is any hint of a threat to the establishment.

FIJA in America have realized this and now not longer have members and only subscribers because anyone claiming to be a member can do something outrageous and bring the whole movement down. Therefore, no members but, in fact, their following is growing at the rate of knots and their influence is getting stronger with every campaign they embark upon.

FLAC must succeed, for the sake of us all.

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