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Dear Fellow Australians,
I have decided to create a new group for the promotion of Common Law Rights.
The initial gathering will be at the RYDE-EASTWOOD LEAGUES CLUB, 117 Ryedale Road, West Ryde, NSW 2114 ( ) on Tuesday 11th September, 2007 commencing 7:00PM. The club is almost adjacent to the railway station of WEST RYDE. It's a typical leagues club with a bistro, etc., if you want a bite beforehand.
The purpose is to set up the machinery to disseminate basic information to the Australian People regarding their inalienable Rights - with the Right to Trial by Jury being essential to and underpinning all those Rights.
There will be no chiefs and no bottle-washers. We are all men and women incensed by the mismanagement, corruption and downright treachery that has overtaken our country...and we all are sovereign human beings intent on protecting our community and our families. 
The Media have clearly shown that they will not report or inform, as their Code of ethics requires ...... we are going to have to do it, ourselves. At this stage, it looks like handing out easy-to-read leaflets in front of Court Houses will be the most direct way. So, Australians with the time to devote to the cause (say, once a week/month/ or thereabouts) to do the distribution can come along, that would be great.
In fact, everyone is would even be nice to see some reformed Judges, whose consciences have awoken them to their wrong-doing.
Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.
Tel: (02) 9872 1661.

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