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I am conducting a fight as real as any fight in history when ordinary people have been the victims of oppression and corruption from those who regard themselves as "the elite".  "The elite" in Australia are probably the same "elite" seeking to subjugate peoples of other countries,  ie:  the minority of individuals who control the banks and,  in turn,  the parliaments and the courts. 


To restore power to the people and rekindle the flame of Democracy where the people have sovereignty,  ie:  the ultimate authority over their own laws and destiny.  It is to reestablish "the only anchor yet imagined by man which can hold a government to the principles of its constitution" (Thomas Jefferson) – and that "anchor" is TRIAL BY JURY .  In Australia,  that right, granted "for evermore" under Magna Carta 1215,  has been taken away by the Judges in order to conceal their own incompetence,  corruption and treachery where the judges are the rewarded puppets of the banks.  The picture is that of leaches attaching themselves to a malignancy.


I invite any person who would like to support the fight when they,  themselves, are no actually involved in their own battle for Truth and Justice,  to donate to the FULLY INFORMED JURY ASSOCIATION with the account details as follows.  Thank you, .......John Wilson                                                                 


the address is:
 St. George Bank Limited,
4 - 16 Montgomery Street,
Kogarah, NSW 2217, Australia.

The branch number is: 112 - 998
The account number is: 054804944
The SWIFT number is:  SGBLAU2S
or post donations to - P.O. Box 4520, North Rocks, NSW 2151, Australia.

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