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331 North Rocks Road,
North Rocks, 2151.
19th January, 2001

Julie Stephenson,
Commonwealth Bank,
Carlingford, 2118.
Fax No: 9871 7046

Dear Mrs Stephenson,

Re: Bank Fraud.

I am sorry to have been abrupt on the telephone this morning regarding a shortfall in my account. Unfortunately, as more Australians wake up to the reality and the magnitude of bank fraud, the staff of branches are going to become the recipients of more displeasure.

There are 2 main offences of fraud to which banks are guilty.

The first is that variable interest rate loan contracts are invalid under Common Law, which demands there be "certainty of terms" for a contract to be created, ie: that the elements be fixed. Being variable means that the interest rate is not fixed but can be made different from time to time and whenever the lender chooses. Such contracts are fraud and deceit. Obtaining money by fraud is stealing. Signing a fraudulent contract is not "informed consent" when the borrower does not know that he is the victim of the crime. Since 1981, the banks have used this form of fraud to destroy and dispossess. This is being redressed in the Courts even though a corrupt judiciary are trying to frustrate those actions. The truth will win through.

The second is the "creation of money" where banks create their own money or wealth "out of thin air". When banks lend money, they do not draw it from any material source but simply make a "book-keeping entry" on a keyboard and the money comes from nothing. One figure from Canada is that banks have out on loan 110 times what they have in deposits. The borrower then has to repay the "debt" plus interest and the bank profits to the tune of the amount lent and the added interest. This, worldwide, is presently some 15 trillion dollars. 

As staff members of banks, you are the unwitting employees of liars, criminals and traitors whose greed and savagery are beyond imagination.

Yours sincerely,

John Wilson.

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