Words and Verse:


If variable interest rates are fixed interest rates (ie: certainty of terms), then I am wrong and the judges are right because:

If day is night and black is white,
Who are we that we should fight?

When up is down and in is out,
Lying judges do have all the clout.

If these their judgments they do proclaim,
Ain't it just a dreadful shame.

But what of FLAC* and its courageous members?
Is there hope of life in truth's embers?

I wish them well in their great quest,
For there has never been a more daunting test.

God give them strength. God give them skill.
To rid Australia of this ill.

John Wilson, Inmate No: 282529, Silverwater Jail, Sydney, Australia. 2nd December, 1999.
 *For Legally Abused Citizens



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