331 North Rocks Road,
North Rocks,
NSW 2151,

5th March, 2008

Her Majesty The Queen,
Buckingham Palace,
London, SW1A 1AA,
United Kingdom.

Your Majesty,

Re: Australian Kangaroo Courts and Legislation in Your Name.

In Australian courtrooms hang the Royal Coat of Arms saying "God and My Right".

In spite of the opening and dedication on 16 September 2001 of the Magna Carta Monument in the Parliamentary Triangle of Canberra by the then-prime minister, John Winston Howard, where one plaque says, "Magna carta is now seen as a traditional mandate for trial by jury, justice for all, accountable government and no arbitrary imprisonment", Australian Judges, in all the nations' courts, deny that Australians have the inalienable Right to Trial by Jury. State and federal Parliaments have passed legislation also denying this Right to the Australian People. Of course, all this is ultra vires bit it is all done in your name.

One example of this atrocity is evident with Banks dispossessing families of their homes….which is estimated to exceed 300,000 families in the coming year. It is the Right of every Australian that they not be dispossessed unless by the lawful judgment of a Jury, when twelve of the defendants equals are empanelled and ask "So help me God" in order for them to "execute Law and Justice with Mercy".

Australian Magistrates and Judges disregard this legal right and then disregard the legal procedure when the Jurisdiction of the Court is Challenged. Therefore, Australian courts are "Kangaroo Courts" by definition. The Judiciary have assumed absolute power over the People. They summarily and unconscionably dispossess families of their homes at the direction of the Banks, without allowing the victims a voice and without a Jury judging the laws and the facts.

Truth, Justice, Freedom and Democracy cannot survive without loving God and loving one's neighbour as oneself. That is Royal Law (Matthew 22: 35-40) and underpins the entirety of the Coronation Ceremony.
Please, ma'am, investigate this situation and help "restore the things that are gone to decay, maintain the things that are restored, punish and reform what is amiss, and confirm what is in good order" and "(p)unish the wicked, protect and cherish the just, and lead your people in the way wherein they should go.".
"The Lord give you faithful Parliaments and quiet Realms; sure defence against all enemies; fruitful lands and a prosperous industry; wise counsellors and upright magistrates; leaders of integrity in learning and labour; a devout, learned and useful clergy; honest peaceable and dutiful citizens. Amen."
Please, ma'am, pass this letter to your Privy Council because the wickedness that exists in Australian courts is done in your name.


John Wilson.
P.S. A copy of this letter will be sent to The Rt. Hon. Kevin Rudd, prime minister of the Commonwealth of Australia. JW



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